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Any type of fiber optic installation or repair work is a highly specialized project. Despite popular opinion that fiber network installation is a do-it-yourself project, it’s probably not wise unless you are a licensed fiber optic contractor.

While fiber optic cable has a ton of benefits including lightning fast network speeds that facilitate the use of rich, more engaging media including streaming, it can be more complicated to install than other network cabling. A slight twist or too much of a bend can destroy the delicate fiber inside. Fiber optic contractors know the proper pulling tension, bend radius and techniques to limit twisting when running the cable. A licensed fiber optic contractor is also familiar with all relevant statutes and permits and will guide you through the oftentimes complicated process of compliance.

multi-2A fiber optic contractor has been professionally trained in the safety protocols for working with fiber. Running fiber optics can potentially be very dangerous; splicing fiber should be done in a controlled environment where you are 100% certain there are no gases or dust. Exposure to gas could results in a fire or explosion. Fiber, though not a conductor of electricity, is usually installed near electrical wiring and if not trained this can also pose a great risk worthy of great care. Accidentally touching a live wire could kill or seriously injure you.

Small scraps of bare fiber can also be extremely dangerous. Little pieces that get cleaved off of the ends of the fiber being spliced or terminated can do some serious damage to you. Proper safety gear and protocol should be maintained at all times when working with the material. Bare fiber scraps can blind if they come into contact with your eyes. Fiber scraps can be incredibly sharp and even minuscule pieces not visible to the naked eye can become imbedded in your skin. Removal can be very difficult and shards often break off below the surface, which can then result in infection. If one of these microscopic shards were to be inhaled or ingested, they could cause serious internal bleeding and possibly death.

Fiber optic cabling installation is a specialized and dangerous skill, and as such, it is best left to licensed professionals. For your safety, and your liability, do not try to take on this project at your home or office on your own. Hiring a professional will ensure that your network set-up is done right and you know you won’t end up in the emergency room or worse.

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