Innovation and Solutions

Ring and Ping Communications uses state-of-the-art technologies. As a highly adaptable company, we are continuously looking out for any new developments and more effective solutions that can help us minimize schedules, reduce costs, and improve our services – which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

Ring and Ping Communications is the best network cabling and business communication company in Southern California. Situated in Santa Ana, in the Orange County, we are a privately owned company that provides professional services customized to meet every business’ requirements. Whether you have one office or one hundred offices, we have the resources and skills to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective network cabling solution.

Our project managers, engineers and network installers work as a team towards one goal – to provide you with the best network cabling installation service. Our team will work closely with your business from the first consultation meeting to final inspection.

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Industries We Serve

With proper planning of your cabling infrastructure before installation, you can save up to 40% on product and labor costs. That’s one reason planning is a critical aspect of Ring and Ping’s services.

Bandwidth, reliability, and security are critical to your business network.

We serve the following industries with innovative cabling solutions:
Data Center / SANs

We provide high bandwidth and high-density solutions with 10G copper cabling and 40G/100G capable optic fiber.


Through standard UTP and optical fiber IP architecture, we enable video surveillance and access control with simplified network management and expansion-ready cabling.


Ring and Ping offers the most cost-effective advanced cabling options to bring you tomorrow’s connected classrooms today.


In the high stakes world of finance, down time is unacceptable, and our cabling solutions offer robust and reliable options.


With new laws regarding electronic healthcare data, businesses require reliable connections that bring together physicians and patient data with maximum efficiency.


Hospitality solutions include security, entertainment, and business functions, and Ring and Ping’s cabling solutions install high speed 10G network cabling for these purposes.