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Structured Network Cabling

Voice and data network cabling systems are the core of every network infrastructure.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cable is used many places and not only does it support LAN backbones and industrial networks , but also tele-phones and cell phones, CATV, security cameras, etc.

Surveillance Systems

We offer a wide variety of small business surveillance solutions that will help you improve your efficiency and enhance your company’s operations.

Audio Visuals

Ring and Ping Communications offers Solutions for Businesses, Rapid and effective communication is key to staying ahead of the competition


Virtually every organization can benefit from telecommunication linked paging.

Access Control Systems

Your enterprise’s access control system can be designed to not only control access to certain areas, but also to track whether doors are open or closed, track the location of equipment, and even interface with your time and attendance reporting system.

Network Rack Equipment

Equipment that centrally connects to cabling must be organized and set up with safety in mind, and must allow sufficient air flow throughout.