Access control for businesses can be accomplished in many ways, from employee photo badges to swipe cards and biometric technology to electronic keypads.

Your enterprise’s access control system can be designed to not only control access to certain areas, but also to track whether doors are open or closed, track the location of equipment, and even interface with your time and attendance reporting system. In addition, these systems can be integrated with security and fire monitoring.

Remote Monitoring and Automated Services

Ring and Ping can make your organization’s security more robust with services like remote monitoring and automated administration. For example, a building can be automatically secured at scheduled times and verified as locked and secure by a remote command center. Buildings can also be unlocked automatically according to pre-scheduled times with video verification. This can significantly save ongoing the costs of running on-site access control, plus employees can still get after-hours access using an access control card or key fob at predetermined building entrances. Alternatively, entry phones can be used with these systems.

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