The Essentials of Network Cabling

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The design and installation of your cabling system must be of a high quality – if done wrong, it can cost your business a lot of money! Investment in IT infrastructure is one of the major investments a company must make – so you must do it right the first time.
All your business operations and activities will depend on your network – so it be reliable and perform. You don’t want to face a lot of downtime and lower productivity, as well as expenses – so you must hire experts who will deliver excellent quality network cabling work.
So what are the essentials of network cabling?

  •  It must be high quality with attention to detail
  •  It must comply with the relevant regulations and standards
  •  The installer must offer a warranty for parts, labor and applications for at least 5 years
  •  All cables and workstation jacks must be clearly labeled for easy identification
  •  The installer must provide you with a set of drawings for the cabling system, showing every workstation location with designated numbers – this will help you to manage the cable system later on

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