New Office Space in Irvine? Call in a Network Cabling Installation Team to Limit Downtime

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request-quotePlanning a move is always stressful. There are so many different pieces and people to coordinate. If you are in the process of moving your business offices to Irvine, don’t leave your network cabling to the last minute. Waiting until moving day will leave you with a huge problem on your hands and a lot of unnecessary network downtime. Time is money and downtime is not good for your bottom line. Hiring a professional network cabling company in Irvine can help make your move a little easier.

Moving your network components involves a lot more than unplugging cables, throwing them in a box, and plugging it all back in at the new office. Give some thought to how the new server room will be set up and what updates need to take place. Ideally, the network installation company you hire will have access to the new server room or IT closet before move-in day or at the very least a detailed schematic so they can evaluate the space, predict any shortcomings and find solutions in advance. They will also want to inspect your existing equipment and make sure it is still in good condition. A move is a great opportunity to clean out old and outdated equipment and update it to ensure your network will run at top speed.

The bandwidth needs of the previous tenant will often determine how much work will need to be done in your new space. If the previous tenants were running on cat5e cabling but your business counts on lighting fast network speed, you will probably want to have all of the cabling swapped out for cat6 or better. A complete re-wiring of the office space will take significantly more time. In this scenario, it would be optimal for the network cabling installation company to have time to work in the new space before the rest of the move takes place.

Moving is never easy and problems can arise, but by hiring a professional Irvine network cabling installation company early on in the process, you’ll have the peace of mind that your network set up is being taken care of and planned carefully by experienced technicians. Regardless of your company’s size, when you need to relocate your network, being organized will ensure a successful move. The earlier a professional network cabling installation team is involved in the planning process for an office move, the more successful the network relocation will be.

For a free, no obligation consultation from the #1 Irvine network installation company, contact us at Ring and Ping Communications today. We’ve helped companies, both big and small, with their moves for the last 12 years and we have never missed a deadline. Our focus is on limiting your downtime so you can get to work making money in your brand new office space. Call us at (714) 617-4025 and we will send out an expert technician right away to discuss your specific needs and start planning your move.