A Network Rack Can Help You Avoid Server Room Spaghetti

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Does your server room look like this?


Would you like it to look like this?


There are a number of reasons to keep your structured network cabling organized, the least of which is aesthetics. While there are few specific rules when installing equipment and routing cables, sufficient time should be given to planning and organization. The easiest way to keep a server room clean is to begin as you mean to end. A good quality network rack and cable management system can prevent a lot of potential problems.

Let’s go over the problems you could face as a result of poor cable management:

Interference and Crosstalk
Whenever possible power cables should be separated from data cables to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). A strong network rack that allows you to separate power and data cables on each side will minimize EMI.

Messy Excess Cable
Sloppily bundling excess cable length can lead to EMI or damaging the cables from the bending. There is cable management equipment specifically designed to deal with excess cable in a way that limits EMI and protects the cabling from damage.

Damaged Cable
Cable that is left unsecured and unsupported can be easily damaged. Network cables have delicate components and it is important not to exceed the bend radius specified by the manufacturer. Cables that are left hanging on the floor or are stretched too far are going to get damaged and end up costing you.

Component Blocked by Poorly Routed Cable
It is crucial that you are able to access your server and other network components and that you do not have to dig through cabling to get to them. Cabling should not block network components, racks, or rails. You don’t want to experience unnecessary network down time for basic maintenance.

Airflow Restriction
If your cabling blocks vents, fans, or obstructs airflow in any way you are putting your network at great risk. The optimal temperature range is between 68 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Overheating of your network components can cause thermal shutdown and potentially serious and irreparable damage to your hardware.

More Costly Maintenance
Servicing you network is unavoidable but you can greatly reduce the cost of labor if your cabling is neat, well organized and clearly labeled. If you experience network failure and a technician has to pull every crisscrossed wire to figure out what cable goes where you are going to be paying for a lot of man-hours.

At Ring and Ping Communications, we specialize in server rack management, so we can help you get your server room or IT closet in order no matter how messy it currently is. If you are tired of digging through cables to find what you are looking for or are experiencing overheating issues and network errors we can help. To schedule a 100% free, no obligation consultation with one of our expert technicians, call us right now at (714) 617-4025 or contact us online.