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A positive customer experience is the number one reason customers say they will go back to a business. Consumers are passive loyalists – if you don’t give them a reason to leave, they will keep coming back. If you’d like your customers to keep coming back and telling their friends, you must ensure that they have a positive experience. If you look through any company’s negative reviews, you’ll likely find a common thread – long wait times. Whether it’s on hold or in person, waiting can really get people riled up, particularly if they have a problem they need solved. In today’s fast paced world, people have short attention spans and very little patience. If you’ve noticed that your customers are getting frustrated with the wait, you may want to consider installing an office paging system to help speed things up.

featured_officepagingsystemsMany different types of businesses use office paging systems including retailers, factories, warehouses, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, schools, and airports. An office paging system can help reduce wait times and allow your customers to quickly get in touch with the person they need to speak with. If you are dismissing the idea because you are imagining a barely understandable, garbled, and overly loud supermarket announcement, “Clean up on Aisle 3,” think again. Advances in overhead paging technology has made these new systems crystal clear and have new features like zone messaging so you can limit your announcement to one area instead of the entire building or floor.

When not in use for paging, the newer systems can also be used to provide overhead music for your customers and employees. Studies have shown that different types of music can subconsciously affect both the number of purchases and the amount customers are willing to spend on a product. Classical music, for example, tends to lead to customers buying more expensive merchandise according to a scientific research study by Nicolas Guéguen, Céline Jacob, Marcel Lourel and Hélène Le Guellec.

Overhead paging systems are also very effective in emergency situations. With an office paging system, evacuation or safety instructions can be given to everyone in the building at the same time during an emergency, guaranteeing that everyone gets the necessary information as quickly as possible. Many systems can be set up with pre-recorded messaging for different scenarios. For example, a fire alert can be set up to instruct employees or customers to evacuate using the stairs.

To find out more about what an office paging system can do for your business, contact Ring and Ping Communications today. We’ll send out an expert technician to discuss your business goals and make our recommendation based on your architectural and personnel needs. We can design a custom paging system for your business requirements and budget. Ring and Ping Communications uses only the best and most trusted brands in paging, such as Bogen and Valcom, and we are committed to making sure the system is customized for you. As always, our consultation is 100% free. Give us a call at (714) 617-4025.