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Proper planning is essential whether you are installing cat5e cabling or fiber optic. This critical phase involves coordinating many different people and activities to make sure the job is done right. We’ve found it’s best to keep everything organized using a checklist. The sample below is an example of a checklist published by the Fiber Optic Association and one we’ve used to plan our own jobs. The checklist includes steps to be performed during pre-install planning, before the installation begins, during the installation, and after the cable install is complete. Each project is unique and some steps may need to be modified or added to the list depending on the specific needs of the project. However, this is a good general outline to help you get an idea of what occurs during a network cabling installation.

*Remember: An upgrade to your cabling or an office move requires careful planning as well – though the checklist will look a bit different.

cat5e-network-cabling-1Here’s a sample of a Network Cabling Installation Checklist.

Pre-install checklist:

  • Main point of contact/project manager is chosen.
  • Link communications requirements are set.
  • Equipment and component requirements are set and vendors are chosen.
  • Link route is chosen and permits are obtained.
  • Cable plant components and vendors are chosen.
  • Coordination with facilities and electrical personnel is completed.
  • Documentation is completed and ready for installation, preliminary restoration plans ready.
  • Test plan is complete.
  • Schedule and start date is set for the installation and all parties affected are notified.
  • Components are ordered and delivery date is set; plans are made for receiving materials (time/place).
  • Link route tour with client takes place.
  • Construction plans are reviewed with the client.
  • Components chosen are reviewed with the client.
  • Schedule is reviewed with the client.
  • Safety rules reviewed with the client.
  • Excess materials being kept for restoration is reviewed with the client.
  • Test plan is reviewed with the client.

Before starting the install:

  • All permits are available for inspection.
  • Sites are prepared and power is available.
  • All components are on site, inspected, 24-hour security arranged if necessary.
  • Client is available if necessary.
  • Relevant personnel are notified.
  • Safety rules posted on the job site(s) and reviewed with all supervisors and installation personnel.

During The Installation:

  • Inspect workmanship.
  • Daily review of process, progress, test data.
  • Immediate notification and solution of problems, shortages, etc.

After completion of cable plant installation:

  • Inspect workmanship.
  • Review test data on cable plant.
  • Set up and test communications system.
  • Update and complete documentation.
  • Update and complete the restoration plan.
  • Store the restoration plan, documentation, components, etc.

At Ring and Ping Communications, we know that proper planning is the key to any well done network cabling installation and that’s why we take the time to meticulously plan out each job we do. To learn more about the services we offer, please visit our website at To schedule a 100% free, no obligation consultation with one of our expert technicians, call us right now at (714) 617-4025 or contact us online.