It’s Important to Specify Your Network Wiring and Cabling Needs

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Every company is unique, and therefore their network wiring and cabling needs are unique.

Your business’ computer interconnections is what sustains and supports your business and facilitates the circulation of information – without it, your business can come to a standstill. It is therefore important to have the right network wiring and cabling installed, and the first step is to specify your business’ exact needs.

Do you need simple or complex wiring? Wiring and cabling for complete telecommunications and computer information interchange for a small office is certainly different from doing the same thing for a high-rise office building or large industrial complex. Make sure you hire a cabling contractor with the equipment, skills and experience to handle your wiring and cabling requirements.

Do you need horizontal cabling? If you want your business to operate smoothly and efficiently, you need to have proper cabling for your computers, printers and other LAN devices. Your entire business must be able to store and process information in an efficient and reliable manner. It is therefore important to hire a cabling company that can provide you with suitable horizontal (LAN) cabling solutions.


What is your current situation? Are you moving to a new building, relocating office, remodeling your office, or expanding your existing office? Do you need network wiring and cabling for your entire building, data center, server room, or computer room? All this will determine the network wiring and cabling solution your business needs.

If you need a network cabling specialist to install, test, and certify all your cabling – computer network cabling, data center cabling, backbone fiber cabling, telephone system wiring or anything else – look no further! Ring and Ping Solutions can help you. Contact us now at (714) 617-4025 for a free quote