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featured_accesscontrolBusinesses of all sizes and types have inventory or information they need to protect. An access control system can help you do just that. Access control systems allow you to control who has access to a building or a room without the cost of hiring 24/7 security staff.

Do I Need An Access Control System?

Many companies think they can’t afford a surveillance system or an access control system. The truth is you can’t afford not to have some form of security. In other words, hoping for the best when it comes to your business isn’t a great approach. If a security breach were to happen, it could devastate your business.

If you answer yes to any of these questions below, you should consider investing in an access control system right away:

  • Would there be an immediate security threat to my business if a key has been lost or stolen?
  • Do different employees need different access privileges?
  • Would it be beneficial to restrict or allow access based on time or day? (Ie First Shift employees, 2nd shift employees, Exempt, non-exempt employees)
  • Does my business require an audit trail of when someone enters or leaves a door?

The Benefits of An Access Control System

Access control systems come in a variety of types and sizes and can be customized specifically for your business’ needs. The most common type is an employee I.D. badge with electronic access control. These work by embedding a radio frequency for wireless entry access. Another common type of access control is a pin pad either at the main entrance or on specific rooms that require more security. Each employee should be given a unique pin code.

  • Audit Trail Report – With an access control system, you will have an exact record of every occurrence of a door opening or attempted opening. This report can be valuable in resolving employee issues, such as time card disputes or possible theft investigations.
  • Time/day restrictions – Does your business have certain employees that should only be there at certain times throughout a regular work day? For example, is your janitorial staff active only during the evening hours? If certain staff only clock in once or twice a week at night, it makes sense to limit their access to those specific times than to allow physical access at any time or day.
  • Lost or stolen keys – When keys are lost, stolen or failed to be returned by terminated employees, it is an expensive process for a business to completely re-key each door. Ignoring the issue may result in a significant security risk if the locks are not properly rekeyed. Maintaining an access control system would allow your business to easily remove access by deactivating the I.D. badge electronically. This can provide your business with a timely and cost efficient plan to prevent unnecessary losses.
  • Remote access control – There are many systems in the industry that would allow for centralized security control. In other words, all of the business’ locks could be modified from one location/system. With these systems, you can quickly and easily lock all exit doors within your business in the case of a possible emergency situation.

Security access controls ensure both your assets and your employees are appropriately protected. To learn more about how an access control system can help secure your business, contact us at Ring and Ping Communications today. We’d be happy to provide you with a 100% free, no obligations consultation. Just give us a call at (714) 617-4025 and we will send out one of our expert technicians right away.