More and more businesses are realizing their need for wireless connectivity in the workplace. If you don’t already have your network set up with wireless capability, it is definitely something you should consider. Wireless technology can allow for more flexibility, efficiency, and ultimately more productivity when used well. Investing in your wireless infrastructure will enable you to access a variety of new tools and help future-proof your business.

Your employees are using multiple devices throughout the day often switching between them or using them simultaneously. They’d like to be able to function the same way at work. A common request we see is that employees would like to be able to access their files on all of their devices and be able to pick up where they left off seamlessly.

A comprehensive wireless system can integrate not only your workstations but also other building components like the HVAC systems, the lighting, and access controls. Connecting these components means they can be accessed and controlled remotely. They also have low bandwidth requirements and will not be a drain on your wireless system.

There are three very important factors to keep in mind when preparing your network for wireless connectivity.

1) Weak Connection – To prevent a weak wireless connection it is vital to know how many people will be accessing the system. Using business grade wi-fi access points and having enough bandwidth is a good start. If you want to have your wi-fi network available for your customers and can’t predict with certainty how many users will be on the network at any given time it is wise to get additional access points. While haphazardly placing access points can actually cause interference and reduce performance, carefully placed access points will boost your wi-fi network capability.

2) Back Up –Wireless, while convenient, can also be unreliable even when set up properly. Devices critical to running your business should be hard-wired. If the wireless network goes down for any reason you don’t want your business to go down with it.

3) Data Security – One of the primary concerns business owners have when considering wireless in the workplace is security. While it is easier to hack a wireless network than a traditional hard-wired network, there are steps you can take to greatly reduce that risk. Wireless encryption and passcodes are standard security protocol you should definitely put in place. If your wi-fi network is to be used strictly by your employees, you can opt not to broadcast your SSID, which will help prevent hackers from finding your business network.

If you’ve decided to upgrade your business network to include wireless capability, keep these tips in mind. For more information on how to set your business up with wireless access, contact us at Ring and Ping Communications today. Just give us a call now at 877-841-9240 and we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation. One of our expert technicians will meet with you to discuss your specific needs.