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At Ring and Ping Communications, we endeavor to stay ahead of all other companies in the industry by providing our customers with outstanding service and value – we use the best available equipment and unparalleled workmanship.

To this end, we now offer exceptional quality, top of the line JVC IP cameras to our customers. There is no skimping on the JVC IP cameras – the most advanced technology was used and no costs were spared. The result: IP cameras that offer outstanding, first-rate picture quality that significantly exceeds ordinary surveillance cameras.

JVC, an international consumer and professional electronics company, has designed and developed a wide range of industrial, commercial, and professional cameras for several decades.  The new JVC IP cameras represent the best of the company’s extensive expertise and experience in cameras – they offer the best available resolution and color reproduction features.

featured_video_surveillance3So, what makes JVC IP cameras unique?


  • Outstanding, high quality image. These IP cameras enable you to use special video management software to record and display pictures. Through using advanced software and cameras, you get high-resolution images, which your business can use in many applications beyond monitoring, including accurately analyzing the images for the purposes of improving various aspects of your business.
  • Flexible system design. Surveillance systems with IP cameras offer a lot of network flexibility. In terms of designing your surveillance system, you have a lot of freedom in term of the number and locations of cameras, recorders, and monitors to use. After installation, IP cameras also give you the flexibility to add more cameras or change camera locations as your business grows.
  • tkc2201_145Offers remote viewing and therefore reduce staff and labor needs. IP cameras make it possible to monitor images from the cameras from anywhere you want. This is more efficient and cost effective – you don’t need staff to monitor multiple places. With IP cameras, it is possible for several users to share one camera. IP cameras also offer bi-directional exchange of audio data, this enables staff in your monitoring office to immediately contact sites or offices directly and investigate suspicious behavior or check on a situation.

Whether you are setting up a new business premise, or need to upgrade your existing surveillance cameras, JVC IP cameras may be just what you need. If you want the best business surveillance systems and security cameras, talk to us today!