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At Ring and Ping Communications, we know that every business is unique, and therefore its security and surveillance needs are different.

We fully understand that businesses need surveillance solutions to reduce the many risks they face such as theft and vandalism, as well as monitor the business’ operations in order to identify ways to improve its efficiency. Therefore, we provide a wide range of surveillance systems that assist business owners to keep an eye on all their operations.

Here is an overview of what we offer:

  • Security Cameras – We stock a wide range of closed-circuit cameras and lenses of all types and sizes, as well as specialty cameras such as night and low-light vision cameras.
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR) – We can meet all your DVR requirements – whether you need a single, one-channel portable unit, or a bigger and advanced solution for stealthy surveillance.
  • Monitors – Your business setup and size will determine the type and size of monitors you will need. We provide a variety of monitors with different formats and resolutions.
  • Networked Video Solutions – We can connect your surveillance system to your existing network infrastructure and computers infrastructure. This minimizes installation costs to your business and simplifies the process of accessing live and archived video for authorized personnel in your business.
  • Remote Viewing – We make it possible and easy for you to monitor your business from wherever you want. There are several options for remote viewing, including web-based browser software and IP-based cameras.

Our company has highly skilled infrastructure and IP security experts who will provide you with professional advice to help you make the right decisions for your business. We can provide you with whatever surveillance solutions you need for your business, and provide the newest and most advanced systems.

We keep a large stock of equipment for surveillance systems – that means we will provide with a prompt service. Call us today (714) 617-4025 – our team of surveillance experts is keen to discuss your surveillance systems requirements, and offer you the best solution, at affordable rates.